Windshield scratches

The windshield, like every other part of your car, will eventually become worn out. More than just an eyesore, Windshield scratches can impair visibility and potentially cause accidents. Several daily occurrences can result in a windscreen that is scratched.

It is conceivable for a scratch on a windscreen to appear out of nowhere. Scratches may show up while cleaning the glass of grit and dirt, even though this is inevitable. When a hard object contacts the glass surface of your windscreen, it will damage the glass. Possibly a stone or other piece of trash that was unintentionally thrown up on the road.

The wipers on your windscreen may also leave a mark. Abrasions on the windscreen can be caused by tiny stones or dirt trapped behind the wiper blade. Incorrectly fitted or outdated wiper blades can also result in scratches. If the rubber wiper blade is knocked loose, the metal parts of the windscreen wiper may come into contact with the windscreen glass. After that, the surface can be scraped.

A cracked windshield increases the risk of serious injury, and perhaps death, during an accident. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), your car’s windshield contributes 60% of its overall integrity in a rollover accident. It’s crucial to get your cracked windshield fixed right away to keep you and your passengers safe.

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